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REDISET - Resilient Digital Sustainable Energy Transition

Workshop to identify impact of social - cyber-physical-attacks on the energy system

Group of people loooking into the camera.
participants from the Resilient Digital Sustainable Energy Transition workshop 5 September 2023 in Vaasa. Photo: Linda Turtola

Welcome to the REDISET project workshop where we bring together different actors of the energy sector to discuss cyber security of the future energy system, especially from the perspective of electricity.

Time: Wed 2024-03-06 08.30 - 16.00

Location: Teknikringen 33 – plan 3 – rum 2306 - Ivar Herlitz

Language: English


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The aim of the workshop is to further develop the energy system model created by the REDISET research team.

The impact estimation model we are developing will help us understand energy infrastructure interdependencies affected by deliberate external cyber-attacks or natural disasters.


8.30 Welcome & breakfast available
9.30 Start of the workshop, quick introduction round
9.45 The REDISET model and the aim of the workshop

10.00 Group session 1

10.55 Break

11.00 Group session 2

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Group session 3

13.55 Break

14.00 General impressions of the model - discussion in the groups

14.30 Longer coffee break for networking

15.00 Presentations of the main points/findings of each group

16.00 The end

LinkedIn: REDISET: Overview | LinkedIn