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Call for posters for KTH Transformation Day 2023

Impact is a key concept for research – it is the way to make a difference!

Published Sep 11, 2023

Please share your research with all KTH Industrial Transformation researchers and give KTH Transformation Day 2023 participants a taste of KTH's best industrial transformation research. We welcome all KTH researchers to present a poster - Big challenges are solved together!

The poster exhibition

A poster exhibition will be held during KTH Transformation Day 2023 on 19 October 2023, organised by the KTH Industrial Transformation Platform. All KTH researchers are welcome to bring a poster, and a jury will select the three best posters with respect to three criteria;

  1. Innovative design,
  2. Clarity and communication qualities, and
  3. Accessibility for a broad audience without specific knowledge in the research field.

Prize to best posters

The three winners will receive a full day of communication training with feedback organised by professionals from the public science organisation Vetenskap & Allmänhet; valued at SEK 5,000. It covers training for selecting material, preparing communication, blog writing, video etc.

The winners will be presented in the upcoming KTH Industrial Transformation Platform newsletter on 8 November 2023. 

Newsletter registration

How to participate


  • Content: Concrete and clear impact, is it easy to understand for non-specialists? What are the three points that the audience should remember?
  • Visual layout: Is the poster easy to read from a distance of three meters? Is it pleasing for the eye?
  • Interaction around the poster: How do you interact with the guests at KTH Transformation Day? Can you make them interested within one minute?


To help you select and present the content, Presentation Skills and Communication Coach Anders Sahlman (Vetenskap & Allmänhet) has published a You Tube tutorial on how to compress your research into a short presentation.

Anders Sahlman short research presentation tutorial

More information

Poster template

Please email  if you have questions!