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Debate article about the climate crisis

Forest fire
In the debate article in Aftonbladet, the authors call on the politicians to take the crisis seriously and lead the transition to a future society within the limits of the planet. Photo: Pixabay
Published Aug 25, 2022

"Enough now, politicians - take the climate crisis seriously. What is it that you don't understand?". That is the introduction to a debate article that 1,944 Swedish researchers and employees in the research world, of which 81 from KTH, signed in Aftonbladet today. One of the researchers from KTH is Monica Bellgran, Director of the KTH Industrial Transformation Platform.

The researchers write that the situation for the climate and the planet is urgent and wonder what is required for politicians to take the research and the crisis seriously. They appeal to Sweden's politicians to put the climate crisis at the top of the agenda.

Read the debate article in Aftonbladet, in Swedish