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Researcher of the week – Sharmila Patel

Published May 03, 2021

Once a week, researchers present themselves and how they contribute to the important industrial transformation for climate and competitiveness. This week’s researcher is Sharmila Patel - M.Sc Student Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.

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Sharmila Patel

M.Sc Student Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Why is the industry's transformation to meet climate change in a competitive manner important to you?

As the industry is contributing to immense volumes of emissions and waste, it is important that companies consider the right measures and view environmentally sustainable work as an opportunity to stay competitive, meet customer demand and provide stability for future generations. It is necessary that companies have incentives for meeting climate change initiatives. Therefore, it is important to highlight the possibilities emerging technologies bring and incorporate them with sustainability efforts. Innovation and sustainability should not be perceived as two competing variables but rather as complementary driving forces. Incentives drive competition and competition drives innovation.

How are you contributing to the transformation?

I am currently undertaking my master’s thesis with the aim of identifying barriers for pharmaceutical SMEs in implementing Artificial Intelligence to become more environmentally sustainable. By identifying challenges, my aim is to lower the threshold for these companies by increasing their readiness to transition towards the industrial paradigm shift called Industry 4.0, whilst simultaneously considering sustainability.

What do you hope to have achieved with your research in 10 years?

I want my research and future contributions to impact the ongoing transition and pave way for future researchers in various areas. In order to meet sustainability challenges, it is essential that all types of organisations in the value chain apply appropriate actions. Furthermore, due to Industry 4.0, new types of jobs will come forth and many sectors will be influenced. These factors result in a need of further research.

What do you wish KTH to contribute with regard to competitive industry transformation?

It is an honour to have studied at a university that promotes and cultivates the development of sustainability. Moving forward, I believe that KTH should further development in this area by combining more practical elements along with theory for its students. This gives a more holistic understanding of competitive industry transition, which students can utilise in various sectors of the economy. This could be achieved through further collaboration with companies in different industries, bringing awareness to students and organisations alike.

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