Operational status for employees

  • Solved/Voice controlled and 8888, 8889 reference

    Published Jun 14, 2019

    Now both voice control and the reference app work. NOTE, if you have an Iphone you need to restart the Iphone.

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  • Done! - Maintenance work that affects KTH's common project file storage

    Published Jun 12, 2019

    The planned system maintenance with KTH's common file storage for projects (P:) is finished and the files under P: are avaliable again.

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  • Warning for extortion mail

    Published Jun 03, 2019

    Several recipients have recently received e-mails with extortion attempts.

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  • Problem saving Office files

    Published Feb 12, 2019

    Some users get an error message when trying to save files from the Office applications

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  • KTH Print payment service

    Published Nov 06, 2018

    The payment service PayEx Lärosäteskonto for students will be phased out.

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