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  • Themes

    Our lab works with interdisciplinary research projects that combine advanced engineering with philosophy, art, aesthetics and other disciplines from the humanities. We aim to create disruptive media and interaction technologies, which will radically change not only the way people entertain themselves but how they live, work and think.

  • Media Lab

  • New project to investigate people's safety perceptions

    A new research project in the Senseable Stockholm Lab will look at perceptions of safety in Kista. The researchers will include youth organisations and the hope is that the results can lead to concrete measures.

  • Studying traffic flows in Kista to reduce emissions

    To better understand emissions from traffic, researchers will use big data and AI to study traffic flows in Kista. The hope is to create transport solutions that generate lower emissions and reduce the climate footprint.

  • Developing intuitive tools for molecular simulations on powerful computers

    To deliver open-source code that anyone worldwide can use, the Parallel Computing Centre (PDC) recently made a long-awaited breakthrough in creating code for quantum chemistry on graphics processing units (GPUs). "What we see is proof that the developed algorithm works," says Patrick Norman, Director of the PDC.

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Last changed: Sep 22, 2020