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  • Carbon footprint of the Swedish ICT sector mapped out

    Researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TeliaSonera and Ericsson have published a unique study which maps out the climate impact of the Swedish Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. Despite a rapid growth in the use of computers and mobile phones in Sweden, emissions per user are low.

  • ICT for sustainable cities (ICIT)

    In ICIT researchers with backgrounds in planning, governance, environmental sociology and HCI collaborate with practitioners from public planning authorities and private companies to explore how ICT can be used to make cities more sustainable.

  • Aviation's VIP line must be reviewed

    Sweden's most notable transport researcher has recently presented his thesis and it is an extensive report. Among other things, it appears that better vehicle technologies and fuels are not sufficient to achieve our climate goals, that there is a need to reduce car travel by 30 percent and that air traffic will surpass car traffic within 10 years as regards the emission of greenhouse gases.

  • Your site’s carbon dioxide emissions

    KTH researcher Jorge Zapico has developed an application which can calculate the carbon footprint of individual websites. The application is called Greenalytics and matches the latest web statistics with environmental data. It turns out that the KTH website produces seven tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

  • A new software that democratises AI development

    A new piece of software is making it easier to create solutions within AI (artificial intelligence). The program, QuantumNet, has been produced by KTH students who want more people to be involved in the creation of AI solutions. In addition, the program enables AI experts to develop AI models more efficiently.

  • Face to face – from afar

    Advances in IT and communication services are changing the way the world looks at the built environment. “Video is a building material,” says Charlie Gullström, visiting associate professor in architecture, media, interaction and communication at the KTH Department of Architecture. “As an architect, I’m interested in extending the room using virtual doors and windows.”

  • MSc ICT Innovation (EIT Digital)

    The joint master's in ICT Innovation programme combines technical competences in the comprehensive field of Information and Communication Technology with strong skills in innovation and entrepreneurship. Students create an individual curriculum based on their interest in different areas of ICT and study at two European universities. Graduates receive a double degree and excellent qualifications for managerial posts in global markets.

  • ICT4S Returns to Stockholm

    The international conference ICT4S (Information and Communication Technology for Sustainability) 2024 is hosted in Stockholm. Registration is now open!