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  • Digital Women's Health

    Digital Women’s Health is a research group bringing positive change to the design and research of digital technologies for women’s bodily transitions.

  • About

    The Interaction Design team creates novel interactions with electronically responsive artefacts and services honouring values such as feminism, somaesthetics, sustainability, critique and slowness.

  • Publications

  • Soma Bits

    The Soma Bits are a prototyping toolkit that facilitates Soma Design. Acting as an accessible ‘sociodigital material’ Soma Bits allow designers to pair digital technologies, with their whole body and senses, as part of an iterative soma design process.

  • AffecTech

    Personal Technologies For Affective Health

  • Projects in Interaction Design

  • VR-CBT using 360-film

    In this project we explore and study how we can create more efficient and available CBT treatment of Agoraphobia using 360-films as a replacement for in vivo exposure therapy.

  • Co-watched 360-films for Increased Wellbeing in Elderly Care

    In this project we collaborate with Film Stockholm and Norrtälje municipality with the goal to increase quality of life and wellbeing in elderly care through co-watching of 360-films.

  • Menarche Bits

    Making space for menarche experiences in sports.

  • Engineering the Interconnected Society

    Interconnected Society: Designing future interactions between humans and autonomous agents

  • Smart Implicit Interaction

    The “Internet of things” offers much potential in terms of automating and hiding much of the tedium of our everyday lives. It is predicted to revolutionise logistics, transportation, electricity consumption in our homes, connectivity - even the management of homes.

  • Designing Energy-Sensitive Interactions

    In this project we look into how design can support electric vehicle drivers in managing and understanding energy consumption

  • BRFEnergi

    I det här projektet tittar vi på hur sociala mekanismer kan leda till minska energiförbrukning i bostadsrättsföreningar.

  • Bringing Laughter to VR

    In this project we explore if laughter is contagious through 360-films.

  • SoundClothes

    Expressive sound-based monitoring of body motion through everyday clothes.

  • Contact

    Do you wish to come in contact with the division? On this page you will find contact information as well as our visiting address.

  • FFF Seminars

    FFF Seminars - or Fancy Formal Friday Seminars - is a series of weekly seminars organized by the Interaction Design group in MID.

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