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  • ZEUS Webinar

    Due to the ongoing trend of urbanisation, the impact of supply deliveries on citizens and the city itself is increasing in terms of congestion, noise and emissions. Researching the use case of off peak deliveries together with silent solutions for transportation and load handling, a guideline is being developed on how to improve the liveability in urban areas, without compromising efficiency.

  • Trash-to-Energy Project in Bolivia Wins Funding

    KTH researchers have received the coveted “Nordic Climate Facility Grant” for a sustainability project in Bolivia that transforms domestic and industrial waste into energy.

  • KTH Wins Major Grants for Basic Research

    The Swedish Research Council has granted SEK 177 million to 62 KTH research projects.

  • Symposium + RTC on the Environmental Humanities

    NIES Symposium V: "Environmental Humanities: Cultural perspectives on nature and the environment" ("Gröna humaniora: Kulturella perspektiv på natur och miljö"), Sigtuna Foundation 14-16 October 2011 Researcher Training Course: "Advancing Theory and Method in the Environmental Humanities", Sigtuna Foundation 14-19 October 2011

  • ACCESS Innovation Day 2013

    In collaboration with KTH Innovation

  • Career Report: Engineers Find Jobs Even in a Recession

    Despite the turbulent economy, almost every graduate of KTH Royal Institute of Technology finds a job within two years. The university’s 2011 Career Report shows that nearly 70 percent of recent grads were in “dream jobs,” and one in ten are already in management.

  • KTH Names Sweden’s First Professor of Patient Safety

    Richard Cook, physician, researcher and expert on errors in complex healthcare systems — and now Sweden’s first Professor of Patient Safety — will take up his post at KTH in 2012.

  • Swedish-Swiss Partnership in Accelerator Science

    KTH, Stockholm University and Uppsala University have signed an agreement with two leading Swiss research institutions covering technology development for the next generation of free-electron lasers and collaboration in photon and neutron science. The agreement promises a world of new research opportunities in materials and life sciences.

  • Business Group: “Reward Research Collaboration”

    The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise is proposing that allocation of government research funding should give extra weight to universities that successfully collaborate with business. The organisation points to KTH as a leading example.

  • Managing Distant Network Equipment with Text Messages

    A group of KTH students has developed an SMS-based remote management system for network devices located in inaccessible areas.

  • Making Molecular Energy Visible

    KTH researchers and their colleagues from France and Japan have found a method to reveal previously unknown details of the atomic binding process.

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