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  • “Inclusive societies deliver a higher level of financial prosperity”

    In two books that have received a great deal of attention, he has discussed the importance of what he calls the creative class when it comes to stimulating innovation and economic growth in urban areas. However, in his latest book, he also discusses the other side of the coin, segregation and inequality. World-leading urban studies researcher Richard Florida, Professor at the Martin Prosperity Institute, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Canada, has been appointed honorary doctor at KTH.

  • KTH’s honorary doctors appointed

    Sustainable transport, algebraic geometry, the Internet's growth and architectural history are the subject fields that are being rewarded now that this year's honorary doctors at KTH have now been appointed.

  • Great Prize winner Tegmark reflects on life and technology

    What is reality? It is a question perhaps too metaphysical to possibly answer. But to cosmologist Max Tegmark there are no oddities, only probabilities. In his search for answers, he decided that mathematics is the basis upon which the universe rests, and which the universe is made up of.

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