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  • KTH Great Prize goes to social entrepreneur Dilsa Demirbag-Sten

    Entrepreneur, author and journalist Dilsa Demirbag-Sten is this year´s recipient of KTH Great Prize for 2019. She is awarded the prize for her work in helping children in underprivileged areas gain access to education and knowledge.

  • Spotify’s Daniel Ek Wins KTH Great Prize

    Daniel Ek, the 29-year-old entrepreneur behind the music streaming service Spotify, has been named winner of the KTH Great Prize for 2012. Ek becomes the youngest honouree in the 67-year history of the award.

  • KTH Great Prize goes to Robyn

    Recording artist Robyn is this year’s recipient of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s Great Prize. "So far, it feels unreal and enormously solemn. I may try to take it in a little bit by bit, I think," said Robyn, whose actual name is Robin Miriam Carlsson.

  • Artist Jonas Gardell is awarded KTH Great Prize

    Swedish author, playwright, comedian and artist Jonas Gardell was named as this year’s recipient of the KTH Stora Pris (Great Prize). Gardell has worked on behalf of the disenfranchised for many years and been recognized with a variety of honors and prizes.

  • KTH Great Prize awarded to MAX-lab’s Mikael Eriksson

    Professor Mikael Eriksson, a driving force behind the MAX-lab research laboratory in Lund is this year’s recipient of the KTH Great Prize. The laboratory conducts experiments considered by many to border on the impossible.