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  • Physics prize both expected, and unexpected

    Particle physicists at KTH had nearly given up hope that the discovery of mass within the universe's smallest components, neutrinos, would be recognized with a Nobel Prize.

  • U.S. Energy Secretary Visits KTH

    A University of California Professor, the 1997 Nobel Physics Prize winner and President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Energy paid a visit to KTH on December 8 — all in one person. Spending an afternoon on campus, Dr. Steven Chu delivered a scientific address Thursday and met students in a lab at the AlbaNova Centre for Physics, Astronomy and Biotechnology.

  • Nobel highlights underfunded fight against malaria

    Millions suffer from malaria, but relatively little is done to develop effective medications. That's why this year's Nobel Prize in Medicine is so encouraging, says KTH Professor Peter Nilsson.