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  • A target-seeking professor

    He grew up under rather meagre conditions on a farm outside of Strömsund. In upper secondary school, he realised that good grades would be his ticket to another life. Today, Stefan Ståhl is Dean of the School of Biotechnology and Professor in Molecular Biotechnology, where he has been specialising in target proteins for the past 10 years.

  • Making fuel from bacteria

    In the search for the fuels of tomorrow, KTH researchers are finding inspiration in the sea. Not in offshore oil wells, but in the water where blue-green algae thrive.

  • Professor is finalist for European Inventor of the Year

    Pyrosequencing pioneer Pål Nyrén, a professor of Biotechnology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, has been nominated for the 2013 European Inventor of the Year Award by the European Patent Office announced.

  • First-ever look at potentially deadly metabolic disorder that strikes infants

    At the heart of one serious metabolic disorder is an enzyme whose inner workings and structure have been revealed for the first time by researchers at KTH.