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  • Planning with Youth

    Planning with youth: a tool and a framework for an engaging, meaningful and forward-looking participation of youngsters in shaping attractive and sustainable living environments

  • SonicFunc: sound design methods for the digital society

    Investigating sound function, aesthetics and interaction in media production to create effective sonic interaction design for everyday life.

  • Oral Music Theory

    Music theoretical tools for performance expression within folk music.

  • Ethical Implications of Music Computing

    Our project focuses on such ethical issues in the context of music computing, in particular which issues may arise from the use of artificial intelligence when we apply it, for instance, to automatic music composition, recommendation, production, or copyright control.

  • The Study of Folk Dance Traditions

    The study of folk dance traditions: connecting ethnography and computational analysis.

  • Listening Across Disciplines II

    Listening Across Disciplines II (LxDII) is a research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). It systematically investigates the potential of listening as a legitimate and reliable methodology for research across the arts and humanities, science, social science and technology.

  • Interaction Strategies in Improvised Jazz Duos

    Jazz improvisation as a subject concerns a vast area where some of the fields are based on defined musical language skills in combination with communicative skills. A personal expression has always been and will always be the basis for artistic representation.

  • Spv: Derek Holzer

  • Sound for Energy

    Sound for Energy - Sonic Interaction Design to Support Energy Efficiency Behaviour in the Household

  • Publications

  • Projects in Sound and Music Computing

  • Fictitious Soundscapes

    Fictitious Soundscapes: Preferences for urban sound environments of the future among hearing impaired

  • Sweet-sounding Shop Goods

    A general and applicable method for an improved working environment and fewer thefts in retail.

  • Sonification of Goods in Stores

    A pilot study on theft prevention in retail through sound and music. The project is a collaboration between KTH, Institute of Retail Economics, Soundmark and Lidbo Music.

  • Nordic SMC

    The Nordic Sound and Music Computing Network (NordicSMC) brings together a group of internationally leading sound and music computing researchers from all five Nordic countries, from Aalborg University (AAU), Aalto University (AALTO), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), University of Iceland (UoI), and University of Oslo (UiO).

  • SoundClothes

    Expressive sound-based monitoring of body motion through everyday clothes.

  • Adaptive Music Production

    Design research aimed at finding and evaluating technical solutions that contribute to usability and musical variety in adaptive music.

  • Volvo Sound Studio

    The Volvo Sound Studio is a collaboration between Volvo and KTH, Konstfack and University West. An interface for sound design have been presented at the major world car expos.

  • ESAIM - Självständiga Arbeten Som Exjobb

    KMH och KTH har fått medel från Vinnova för att utveckla exjobb med musik- och ljudinriktning inom utbildningar i musik och teknik. Projektet kallas ESIAM – etablering av självständiga arbeten som exjobb inom musik och teknik. 

  • Active Listening with the Music Puzzle

    The Music Puzzle is a game where the aim is to reconstruct a music performance from small segments that are shifted in pitch and filtered. The game targets hearing impaired persons in order to train listening skills.

  • Spv: Kjetil Falkenberg

  • Light and Dark Rhythms

    Light and Dark Rhythms - Daylight and Artificial Light Qualities for the Design of Future Spaces

  • Spv: Adrian Latupeirissa

  • The Harmony of Noise

    The project concerns developing a notation system for pitch-based, sound-based and spatialized music in an attempt to bridge the gap between acoustic and electronic music, also working towards the possibility of a holistic system for algorithmic composition based on music representation.

  • The Radio Sound Studio

    Developing novel digital sound design tools through the modelling of historical sound effects.

  • Sound Forest

    Sound Forest is a collaborative research project carried out between Sound and Music Computing at KTH and the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts (Scenkonstmuseet) in Stockholm.


    Robust Non-Verbal Expression in Virtual Agents and Humanoid Robots: New Methods for Augmenting Stylized Gestures with Sound

  • Spv: Olof Misgeld

  • Spv: Torbjörn Gulz

  • Available Thesis Project

    In Sound and Music Computing a large number of possibilities exist for students to do their thesis work

  • Sound and Music Computing

    Our vision is to leverage sound and music to understand and improve human communication and interaction, making them a natural part of everyday technology.

  • Designing the sound of the future

    Designing the sound of the future informed by the sound of the present: a new method for the sound design of everyday scenarios inspired by combining methods in documentary filmmaking and sound computing

  • Sound and Music Interaction Seminars

    Sound and Music Interaction Seminars is a seminar series organized by the Sound and Music Computing group at the division of Media Technology and Interaction Design, KTH.