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  • Research collaboration on AI-models for document analysis

    A new collaboration project between KTH Climate Action Centre and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) will investigate how large language models and designs can be applied to policy assessments and systematic reviews.

  • Tax effective in reducing emissions

    The climate tax works. Without it, emissions from industry would be much higher. But there is more to be done to further reduce emissions, according to a study from KTH.

  • Swish your way to greener payments

    Next time you indulge in an ice cream treat, leave the cash behind. Opting for a digital payment method like Swish is a savvy move for the environment. That's the key finding from a recent study conducted by researchers at KTH, shedding light on the environmental impact of different payment methods.

  • Excuses we make for harming the climate

    How do we excuse our own climate damaging actions? KTH Professor Nina Wormbs’ research project received media attention even before it started. “As a researcher, I have never seen such great interest and commitment.”