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  • Between 2019

    Festival for Art, Science & Technology

  • TEDxKTH Salon: Facets of AI – Exploring the Various Uses of AI in Research

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our lives, and there is a great deal of curiosity about its applications in various fields. How groundbreaking is AI, and how is it being used in different research areas?

  • Towards a RE-GENERATIVE AI: Charting Artificial Intelligence and Nature-based solutions for climate adaptation strategies

    Funded by the Lerici Foundation, this workshop aims at creating a platform for discussion and reflection linking diverse knowledge domains. The workshop will also produce a tangible outcome: participants in the roundtable discussion will create a dictionary (“glossary”), a collection of shared semantics, aimed at guiding technosphere practitioners (i.e., programmers, project managers, public institutions) to chart the Anthropocene. The workshop acknowledges funding from the Lerici Foundation and it is part of the MSCA Project LIBRA (Project number 101150729).