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  • First dna sequencing of cancer performed

    Now, the first so-called cancer cell line in Sweden has been DNA sequenced at Stockholm’s new Science for Life Laboratory, a national research centre, which is partly managed by KTH. The dna sequencing gives a picture of what cancer looks like and is a step towards better understanding of how cancer arises.

  • Life-saving shoes

    Positioning technology developed at KTH will save lives and protect emergency responders in hazardous environments.

  • Science cloud computing helping companies with their homework

    A major European venture has just begun in which, among others, KTH, Microsoft and the EU will be helping companies realize the point with cloud computing. A couple of really solid academic server farms, plus Microsoft's Azure cloud computing forms the muscles behind the project.

  • Summer sessions bring together Chinese and Swedish students

    Almost 80 students and teachers from China and Sweden met at KTH in late August for a week of inspirational lectures on a broad range of interdisciplinary topics in biomedicine. The joint Swedish/Chinese summer school and workshop is held to motivate students to enrol in exchange programs and to embark on innovative biomedical research.