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  • ADA – Aggressive Duct Aerodynamics

    The ADA (Aggressive Duct Aerodynamics) project is a project coordinated by GKN Aerospace Sweden AB, carried out in collaboration with KTH. The project is implemented through two technical work packages led by GKN (WP1) and KTH (WP2) respectively. WP1 aims to understand the detailed flow in aerodynamically aggressive intermediate compressor ducts and to establish the most effective methods to predict these flows, while WP2 aims to investigate the most effective methods to extend the aerodynamic duty of such ducts by using passive and active flow control devices. ADA is intended to run in parallel to, and collaborate with, the German LuFo project RDUCT where experimental research will be done on active and passive flow control in intermediate compressor ducts by TU-Berlin and DLR in Germany. Experimental data from RDUCT will be shared with ADA.

  • VIFT — Virtual Integrated Fan and Turbine

    The focus of the VIFT project is on the reduction of noise from modern efficient aero engines and the continued development of a virtual demonstrator environment aimed at turbomachinery studies. The virtual platform that will be developed further in the project has previously been shown to promote technical collaboration, research and information exchange between academia and industry in Sweden. The VIFT project will facilitate the development of methods for aircraft engine noise evaluation and innovative component designs targeting improved engine performance and increased overall efficiency.