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  • Intelligent cars will produce safer drivers

    New research at KTH shows that you can divide drivers into different groups through a system of measurement, those who are skilled and those who are not quite as skilled. This research may ultimately help the industry to create vehicles that are better suited to different drivers’ individual needs. The goal is that the vehicle will help drivers to become both safer on the roads and feel better behind the wheel.

  • Self-driving cars could change traffic behaviour

    When self-driving cars start appearing on your commute, they're not likely to remind you of the swift Lexus vehicles in Minority Report. Think driving behind your grandpa, instead.

  • An array of research takes aim at climate change

    There's no silver bullet to stop global warming. Getting climate change under control will require an array of energy systems and solutions. As COP21 wraps up, we take a look at some of the most interesting recent research at KTH that addresses global warming.

  • Tough nut that can withstand 600 degrees heat

    Fatal radiation, 600 degrees heat and a really exciting existence of several kilovolts. That's what KTH researchers' electronics have to cope with when they are used in such brutal environments such as in nuclear power plants and on oil rigs. SEK 24.2 million in research grants will help scientists to succeed.

  • New car roof means reduced fuel consumption

    A researcher at KTH has managed to reduce the weight of the car roof by 80 percent without making the roof significantly more expensive or producing inferior properties. If anything, the opposite is true, the new roof provides greater comfort and it is much easier to hear your passengers when you talk to one another. If the techniques used for the design of the roof of the car are also applied to the entire vehicle, it can reduce fuel consumption substantially.