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  • Product Design in a Circular Economy

    CE@KTH is delighted to invite you to attend the webinar “Product Design in a Circular Economy” with Conny Bakker who is a professor of Design Methodology for Sustainability and Circular Economy at TU Delft, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

  • [New Project] Youth Change Makers as Catalysts for a Transition to a Sustainable Circular Economy

    CATALY(C)ST: KTH joins hands with Nordic partners in an effort to speed up the transition to a Sustainable Circular Economy

  • CATALY(C)ST Youth Advisory Board

    The ambition of the Youth Advisory Group is to have at a minimum one representative from each project partner represented, representing each one of the participating countries (Island, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark). The idea of the establishment of the board is to ensure the youth perspective and voice is represented in the activities and methods that are developed as part of the CATALY(C)ST project. Further, the group will co-lead the establishment of a Nordic CATALY(C)ST Community with the focus on Circular Economy.

  • Scania Circular Business: Scania’s journey towards the circular economy

    CE@KTH is delighted to invite you to attend the webinar “Scania Circular Business: Scania’s journey towards the circular economy” with Paulina Edblad Granholm, Senior Business Development Manager at Scania, Sweden. Paulina Edblad Granholm will share how Scania is approaching the circular economy transition (CET), including actions taken, progress, barriers faced and challenges ahead. She will touch upon how Scania is conciliating the CET with other mega-transitions in the transportation industry such as decarbonization, electrification, autonomous solutions and digitalization. Her mission is to connect the big picture to the everyday activities. As an example she will share the journey within Scania Parts & Service and especially the Parts packaging quest towards sustainability through circularity and digitalisation.

  • Global recruitment seeks top researchers

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology is offering 13 international researchers positions as assistant professors. Here's a quick look at the positions that come with a four-year startup grant.

  • Sustainability trade-offs in the circular economy: A maturity-based framework

    CE@KTH is delighted to invite you to attend the webinar entitled “Sustainability trade-offs in the circular economy: A maturity-based framework” with Dr Enes Unal who is a lecturer in Circular Economy and Innovation at Centre for Design Engineering, Cranfield University. In this webinar, Dr Enes Unal will share their latest research that reveals the pattern of sustainability trade-offs. The theoretical and practical understanding of sustainability implementation has been changing in depth and scope. In particular, circular economy paradigms (e.g., Cradle to Cradle or “C2C” practices) have enabled firms to rethink their resource management behavior, resulting in distinct trade-off patterns among different sustainability dimensions. Furthermore, while many established firms remain reactive and market-oriented in their sustainability implementations, sustainability-rooted firms proactively integrate sustainability practices into their core business.