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  • Paving the way to digitize lubrication

    We stand on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution, with emerging technology breakthroughs in fields like AI and the Internet of things – but little in the field of lubrication. At least until now.

  • About Digital Futures

    Digital Futures researches and develops digital technologies that can bring solutions to great societal challenges, in Sweden and globally. Digitalization has the potential to create a more resource efficient and sustainable society although it also poses some of the major scientific and technical challenges of our time. With Digital Futures, a new research area is emerging.

  • Sweden’s first 5G network inaugurated

    In December 2018, Sweden’s first 5G network opened at KTH's campus.

  • Digital tools for young storytellers

    How will tomorrow’s children become eager storytellers and conquer the written word? Together with Berättarministeriet (The Ministry of Storytelling), KTH's Stefan Stenbom studies how digital technology can encourage children to tell stories.

  • KTH Digitalization Platform

    The strategic research area digitalization (information and communication technology) brings together researchers from all of KTH's schools, located at Valhallavägen and in Kista. Together, we constitute a dynamic research environment with broad industrial collaboration.

  • Internal pages of KTH Digitalization Platform

    The purpose of the internal web pages of KTH Digitalization Platform is to build a multidisciplinary community for the researchers and students within the platform as well as building bridges to the other strategic research platforms at KTH - Energy, Industrial Transformation, Materials, Transport, and Life Science Technology.

  • Urinary tract infection self-test more accurate with digital bacterial culturing

    Soon you will be able to perform a bacterial culture at home to test for urinary tract infection (UTI), with clinical-level results.

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