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  • The future of hydroelectric power

    Abolfazl Khodadadi's research on the planning and operation of hydropower plants resulted in winning a best paper award. Ultimately, the doctoral student aims to ensure secure and affordable energy supplies to EU citizens.

  • Researchers on the transformation towards sustainable energy

    Can economic growth be sustainable, is the transition to a fossil-free future achievable and what is the biggest change researchers want to see by 2040? These are some of the questions that were answered at the KTH Energy Dialogue.

  • Energy solution in sight for remote regions

    New solution can achieve sustainable electricity supply both remote regions and citiies. A self-sustaining sustainable solution for energy in Arctic Communities has been devised by Qianwen Xu, Assistant Professor of Electric Power Engineering. The solution has won the Nordic Energy Challenge 2022 and can improve sustainable electricity supply in remote regions.

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