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  • Expanding Research Co-operation with China

    Professors and administrators from Shanghai Jiaotong University visit KTH to sign a new co-operative agreement on biomedical research and education — and broaden the collaboration to include studies of traditional and alternative energy production.

  • KTH to Host New Smart Grids Centre

    KTH has been selected to anchor the new Swedish Centre for Smart Grids and Energy Storage (SweGRIDS), bringing academia together with industry and public utilities to tackle the European Union’s ambitious targets for improved energy efficiency. Some one hundred scientists will work on development of electric power grids that respond intelligently to consumer and supplier behaviour.

  • IT will solve tomorrow's energy problems

    Reducing our electricity consumption which will lead to smarter storage and distribution of electricity are two major challenges we face. When the third meeting of the conference ICES begins on 2 September, the arrangers and the researchers at KTH intend to tackle these problems; they also aim to define a number of new challenges which are worthy of further research.

  • This is how expensive power failures can be averted

    Transformers are the bridge between your computer, TV and washing machine at home and the nuclear power station. They also form a link between companies and the same power station. When the transformer breaks down, it costs society and businesses a lot of money. Researchers at KTH have now started working on a new method making it possible to keep track of the transformer’s condition which means we can avoid unnecessary and costly power failures.

  • KTH involved in major investment in biotechnology

    One of the largest research grants ever in Scandinavia, according to Mathias Uhlén, one of the three people in charge. A Nordic research centre is now to be created with nearly one billion Swedish crowns in its budget.

  • The world’s largest innovation factory is launched

    The search for new inventions and the roll-out of many new jobs is underway. This major European investment in energy - InnoEnergy – will create 60 new companies and 100 new products in the energy sector by the year 2014. The total budget behind the project is astounding – over 6 billion SEK.

  • Scientists produce electricity from wood

    At a time when energy is an issue affecting many millions of people worldwide, scientists at KTH have managed to harvest electricity by passing water through refined wood. Their work has recently been published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials.

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