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  • Interaction Design

    The Interaction Design team designs novel interactions with electronically responsive artefacts and services honouring values such as feminism, somaesthetics, sustainability, critique and energy-awareness.

  • The machine that can paint your feelings

    Are you feeling excited? Metaphone is a machine that captures your emotions and paints an image that expresses them. The use of biodata to interact with technology and to facilitate communication between people is a field that’s becoming ever hotter.

  • A Range Tracker for Electric Cars

    A major shortcoming of electric cars is drivers’ uncertainty over how far the vehicle can be driven before the battery dies, a phenomenon known as “range anxiety.” But a new Web-based tool developed by KTH researchers promises to show just how far an electric car can go before the charge runs out.

  • Research in MID

    Media Technology and Interaction Design is a truly multi-disciplinary division and our research covers a large range of topics within Media Technology and Interaction Design. Those who share similar research interests can come together to discuss, collaborate and ultimately publish on their favourite topics.

  • Studies within Media Technology and Interaction Design

    The division offers the following programmes:

  • Design for an Energy Efficient Campus Life in Albano

    This project aimed at exploring how the form giving of local areas can encourage sustainable behaviours, and lowered energy use. Focus was on the Albano campus area, planned with the ambition to be self-sustainable on energy.

  • Division of Media Technology and Interaction Design

    Media Technology and Interaction Design has its roots in computer and behavioral science as well as media technology, and has today faculty that represents e.g. anthropology and psychology, computer science and media technology, interaction design, film- and literature science, sound and music computing, and media and communication science.

  • About us

    The Division of Media Technology and Interaction Design (MID) is an interdisciplinary research group consisting of media technology and human computer interaction.