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  • Exploring tuition fees as a policy instrument of internationalisation in a welfare state

    This article sheds light on some challenges that internationalisation raises for policymakers regarding public funding of higher education in a welfare state by examining policy logics for introducing tuition fees for international students in Sweden 2011.

  • KTH has made 'big strides'

    KTH President Peter Gudmundson can be proud. He has presided over nine years of progress at the university, though he quickly stresses that everything achieved during his term has been the result of teamwork.

  • Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions in Mozambique

    University curriculums have undergone major reform with international content, branch campuses have been established, cross-border collaborations have been formed and programmes for international students have been launched.

  • SSES wins award

    The Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES) – a unique collaboration between leading universities in Stockholm – was awarded a prize for ‘Outstanding Contributions to Venture Creation’ at the 2018 Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers Conference in Chicago on October 30.

  • KTH joins innovation community on urban mobility

    KTH and ITM further strengthen their networks, innovation capabilities and international appeal by participating in ‘Mobility for Liveable Urban Spaces’ (MOBiLus) – an EU transport research initiative consisting of 48 partners from 15 countries.

  • We provide energy globally

    Our Department of Energy Technology (EGI) is involved in several international projects financed by the UN and the World Bank. They aim to ensure access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all.

  • Marcus takes KTH’s ideas to Munich

    Student exchange and internationalisation have everything to gain from a more efficient administration in the European universities. During an exchange week at KTH, European administrators exchanged good ideas with each other.

  • New KTH master´s student participates in Airbus´summer academy

    Produce game-changing concepts linked to global need for food and water security! That´s the challenge at the Airbus Airnovation Summer Academy which closes today. 50 top students from 20 countries participate. One of them is from KTH.

  • Objectives and strategic orientations

    KTH has common goals and strategic directions, which are set out in Vision 2027 and the Development Plan 2018-2023. The president is the head of authority and is responsible for KTH's activities under the University Board, KTH's highest decision-making body.

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