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  • Mosquito trap relies on scent to fight malaria

    Malarial mosquitos kill more people than any animal on Earth, even though various control methods have reduced their numbers by half. KTH researcher Jenny Lindh and her colleagues have developed a new control method based on the mosquitos' nesting behavior. There is actually a mix of scents that determines where females choose to lay eggs.

  • Nobel highlights underfunded fight against malaria

    Millions suffer from malaria, but relatively little is done to develop effective medications. That's why this year's Nobel Prize in Medicine is so encouraging, says KTH Professor Peter Nilsson.

  • Discovery could help prevent malaria deaths

    New research at KTH Royal Institute of Technology offers hope to children who are stricken with malaria.

  • Mosquitos' natural attractant is used to fight malaria

    The battle against malaria is also a battle against its natural host, the mosquito, which means disrupting the insect's lifecycle is every bit as important as putting nets over beds. Now, an international research team has discovered what attracts mosquitos to lay their eggs in specific places.