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  • The autonomous forest machines are here

    Researchers and students from KTH have been involved in the development of a new autonomous forest machine that picks up timber. They have both developed the software in the prototype called XT28 that is just being demonstrated in real life and developed a smaller model for test and development projects. Self driving forest machines are both more efficient than classic work vehicles and reduce the amount of ground damage.

  • IT will solve tomorrow's energy problems

    Reducing our electricity consumption which will lead to smarter storage and distribution of electricity are two major challenges we face. When the third meeting of the conference ICES begins on 2 September, the arrangers and the researchers at KTH intend to tackle these problems; they also aim to define a number of new challenges which are worthy of further research.

  • Rocking robot pays tribute to Robyn

    When a team of mechatronics students built a robot dedicated to Robyn, they didn't expect the pop star to become personally involved. The dancing "Robyt" makes its world debut this week and earns props from its inspiration.

  • Pop star Robyn lights up KTH lab project

    When a group of third- and fourth-year mechatronics students began designing a dancing robot inspired by Robyn, the Swedish singer took a keen interest in the project.

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Last changed: Sep 22, 2020