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  • Major investment in 'living laser'

    Fibre optics will likely become a greater part of our lives in the years ahead, with photonic applications in such areas as medicine and solar energy. That's what KTH professor Fredrik Laurell and his colleagues will be researching with a newly-announced grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

  • This is what winter vomiting disease and video games have in common

    The European Research Council's call, the ERC Advanced Grant is aimed at established world class researchers. Göran Stemme, KTH professor who specialises in microsystems, is the type of scientist it is aimed at. He has now received SEK 23 million to conduct research which may result in new medical technologies.

  • Apodized waveguide-to-fiber surface grating couplers

    Waveguide-to-fiber surface grating couplers with fill factor apodization offer low back reflection into the silicon waveguide and a single required lithography step. Using through-etched standard silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates, it also offers a large process latitude.

  • Cell-Ring - Close proximity photonic sensing of single-cell secretion

    Biological processes are dynamic and involve the interactions of cells with each other and their environment. To study the dynamics of cell signaling, measurements at the single cell level are necessary, since intra population variability and diffusion limitations tend to smear out the aggregate biochemical response of large cell populations. The aim of the Cell-Ring project is to create a nano-photonic sensor to study the biomolecule secretion of single cells in real-time. Duration: 2012-2017

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