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  • Department of Computer Science

    The subject of Computer Science provides the technological basis for modern digitised societies from public service to businesses and science. Education in Computer Science is as essential as mathematics in all university disciplines.

  • Before you swipe, remember your privacy

    You give up more than your money when you make purchases by mobile phone or bank card. Every non-cash transaction sends a new stream of personal data to the government, insurance companies and anyone else who wants your personal details. A KTH computer science researcher explains what you need to know — before you swipe.

  • Grappling with digitalisation

    Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt weighed in on the challenges of global digitalisation June 13 at KTH, calling “freedom on the net” the most important front in the struggle for freedom worldwide.

  • Decentralised networks could save democracy

    Democratic movements can flourish online, but just as easily get censored. A group of researchers is developing solutions to the vulnerabilities and privacy problems with using big social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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