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  • From proteins to promotion

    “You have a high forehead, you,” says hat maker Mark Eriksson, as he measures star researcher Mathias Uhléns skull. “Well, I’ve got a lot of stuff to store in there,” jokes Uhlén, who is getting ready for his role as promoter at KTH’s conferment of doctoral degrees and inauguration of new professors in the Stockholm Concert Hall.

  • KTH to confer honorary doctorates Nov. 21

    Scientists from the US, UK and China join two distinguished Swedes in receiving honorary degrees this year during KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s annual conferment of doctoral degrees ceremony, to be held November 21 at the Stockholm Concert Hall.

  • Great Prize winner Tegmark reflects on life and technology

    What is reality? It is a question perhaps too metaphysical to possibly answer. But to cosmologist Max Tegmark there are no oddities, only probabilities. In his search for answers, he decided that mathematics is the basis upon which the universe rests, and which the universe is made up of.