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  • Dynamic simulation of grasping and manipulation can be very helpful in the development of algorithms and hardware. The Mechatronics group has experience from working in GraspIt! and Adams. This page explains some of the basics and show some demonstrations.

  • Pop star Robyn lights up KTH lab project

    International pop star Robyn is the inspiration for a dancing robot being developed by third- and fourth-year mechatronics students at KTH Royal Institute of Technology; and the singer recently visited their lab to offer some suggestions on prototypes the group developed.

  • In a home or any other environment that cannot be perfectly controlled, true robot usability comes from the capability of grasping and manipulation of objects. Challenges include, but are are not limited to; error detection, safety aspects, navigation and localization, control, and – what this project is focusing on – grasping and simple manipulation.

  • Rocking robot pays tribute to Robyn

    When a team of mechatronics students built a robot dedicated to Robyn, they didn't expect the pop star to become personally involved. The dancing "Robyt" makes its world debut this week and earns props from its inspiration.

  • Robot project envisions factories where more people want to work

    Rather than taking jobs, robots will one day soon join people on the factory floor, as co-workers and collaborators. That’s the vision of a EUR 6.5 million project led by KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

  • Game technology can make emergency robots easier to control

    A method borrowed from video gaming can make remote-controlled emergency response robots easier to use – enabling the operator to focus more on the dangerous situations they face.

  • Social robot faces the real world

    Human interaction with robots is about to get a little more personal. Meet the face of tomorrow's interactive technology.

  • Pop star Robyn lights up KTH lab project

    When a group of third- and fourth-year mechatronics students began designing a dancing robot inspired by Robyn, the Swedish singer took a keen interest in the project.