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  • Teachers risk role confusion on social media

    Facebook is emerging as a tool for class discussions, but what happens when teachers in higher education mix with their students on a social media platform? A new book features research from KTH Royal Institute of Technology on how role confusion can create problems – and what you can do to avoid it.

  • Online time can hobble brain’s important work

    While you are browsing online, you could be squandering memories – or losing important information.

  • Social site makes research papers more accessible

    It has been called the Facebook for researchers. Researchgate is a web-based social networking platform where researchers from around the world are able to communicate with one another through uploading their scientific articles, follow research colleagues’ contributions and ask questions or exchange ideas on a forum.

  • Empowering people on social networks

    Social networks have changed the world. Now they need to be changed. A KTH researcher is part of an international project to improve privacy on the web.

  • Students see promise in technology's convergence with performing arts

    While an American audience watches this weekend's encore performance of the world’s first crowdsourced ballet, a pair of undergraduate students halfway around the globe are paying even closer attention.

  • How to start a social media account at KTH

    Social media can be a communication channel for reaching certain target groups, and a cost-effective, fast way to spread news and information. However, it is important to have a well worked-through strategy and a plan for managing and moderating an account on social media, in order for the communication to reach the desired effect, as well as for the channel to be maintained in a relevant and consistent way.

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