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  • Award-winning physicist prizes originality

    Egor Babaev, a physics researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, is one of five young researchers who will share SEK 24 million awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA). In awarding the Göran Gustafsson Prize for young researchers, the KVA cited Babaev's "original theoretical research, which has shown entirely new ways to understand complex systems and processes in materials physics."

  • Nobel stars light up AlbaNova

    They were outsiders in the world of quantum field theory 40 years ago. But on Saturday Peter Higgs and François Englert were greeted like rock stars when they arrived at AlbaNova University Center.

  • Hawking conference takes aim at paradox of black hole theory

    By academia's standards, the list of participants packs as much star power as an Academy Awards ceremony. But the Hawking Radiation Conference, which begins Monday at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, has been convened to take on a slightly different matter of business.

  • Making Molecular Energy Visible

    KTH researchers and their colleagues from France and Japan have found a method to reveal previously unknown details of the atomic binding process.

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