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  • Tool helps developing countries with energy planning – to limit costs

    KTH has developed a tool for energy and integrated water-energy-land use planning: The Open Source energy Modelling System (OSeMOSYS). The tool calculates the least-cost electricity, energy and resources supply options for countries all over the world, like what investments to make, when, at what capacity and how to operate them to meet the said policy target(s) at the lowest cost.

  • Learning by solving a real challenge

    Identify the problem – and solve it. Gather the knowledge you need along the way. That’s the concept of Challenge driven education, a method used during the master course in Energy management.

  • Electricity to the nearly 1 billion people still lacking it

    KTH has developed probably the most used electrification tool in the world – a decision support when providing rural and urban areas with electricity. A platform enables anyone working with energy access, to engage with governments and other stakeholders to discuss strategies to increase electrification rates in ~60 countries.

  • Being relevant is key to dissemination

    The energy field can make large contributions to a sustainable future – which is the reason why Björn Palm from Department of Energy Technology goes to work every morning. Being relevant to the industry is the start of getting the research disseminated, he says, “and eventually making an impact, means that we have succeeded in making a difference in some way”.

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Last changed: Sep 22, 2020