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  • Technology shifts make Scania invest in further training

    New technological shifts need new knowledge. Scania is investing in lifelong learning and together with KTH, Scania is updating its employees in the sustainable transport system of the future.

  • Two Södertälje projects on IVA’s 100 list

    When IVA presents its annual 100-list, two research projects from KTH Södertälje are included. This year, the theme is crisis preparedness and Magnus Wiktorsson's work with production logistics presents solutions for Swedish industry to be more stable during future external crises.

  • She takes startups across the valley of death

    The project "Production Angels," run by KTH and Södertälje Science Park, helps startups go from idea to production - a phase called "valley of death." With a fresh monetary addition, the project will now expand nationally.

  • Student's training brings sustainability to family business

    A year ago, Suganya Senthil Kumar was studying in the international master's programme, Sustainable Production Development, at KTH in Södertälje. Now she is applying the knowledge she gained to her family’s business, back home in India.

  • Saltå Kvarn propelled by Lean

    Saltå Kvarn has grown rapidly in recent years – albeit without a strategic plan. When it was not possible to work any harder, Saltå Kvarn enlisted the help of the Lean Centre (Leancentrum) at KTH in order to expand further.

  • Industrial giants work together to achieve better production logistics

    Good control of the flow of resources and information is often the key to an efficient production system. The LOVIS research project – logistics visibility – allows manufacturers to keep better check on the flow of materials, and in so doing, to benefit the environment and improve the competitiveness of their own businesses. Professor Magnus Wiktorsson is leading the project from KTH Södertälje with Scania, AstraZeneca, Odette and Lund University as collaborating partners.

  • From innovation to production

    Produktionsänglar is an initiative where KTH Södertälje and Södertälje Science Park collaborate to support start-ups.

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