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The research conducted at the School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH School) is of absolute world-class. In the midst of that environment, young companies are offered a place to conduct their business and use the well-functioning infrastructure that is already available at KTH and the CBH school. Originally built as a reactor hall, Greenhouse Labs was completely rebuilt, and opened in 2012 providing a complete entrepreneurial center in three levels.


Greenhouse Labs consists of 17 modern labs and as many offices. The labs are basically equipped and are 20-40 m2 with 1-5 fume cupboards, stone balance tables, spark-proof refrigerators and freezers. In addition, there are ventilated cabinets for chemicals, fireproof cabinets for gas tubes and solvent storage and a resource room. In the resource room there is a dishwasher for lab glass, washing machine for lab coats, ice machine and clean water system.

Meeting Room

The offices are small but efficient and can accommodate 2-4 people. In addition to labs and offices, the companies in Greenhouse Labs have access to representative premises for innovation-driven business: The lounge is located just inside the entrance, a place to receive customers and adjacent to the lounge is the meeting room, for internal and external meetings.

There is a break room with kitchenette, dressing room with shower and toilets on all levels.

Lunch Room

The companies in Greenhouse Labs have access to the built-in infrastructure available at KTH and the CBH school, including the state-of-the-art instrument park. KLARA helps companies with chemical handling and risk assessment. Access to world-leading researchers at the school provide access to both knowledge and new collaborations.