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Principles within The Jonasson Centre for Medical Imaging

Principles within The Jonasson Centre for Medical Imaging (pdf 97 kB)

In addition to the Rules of Procedure, established by the Centre’s Board, the following principles apply within The Jonasson Centre for Medical Imaging.

1. Procedure for access to equipment

1.1. Basic principles

Academic researchers can be granted access to the equipment within The Jonasson Centre for Medical Imaging, whereby projects are prioritized on the basis of scientific quality. Primarily, projects by researchers from KTH, KI and SLL may be considered, and priority will be given to collaborative projects between KTH and KI/SLL. Healthcare providers within SLL have access to the equipment by special arrangement. In case of availability, access to the equipment can be granted to other agencies and companies.

The use of the Jonasson centre’s equipment must be mentioned in scholarly publication, e.g. in the Acknowledgements.

1.2. Handling of applications

Before submitting a project proposal, the principal investigator (PI) needs to discuss the project feasibility with the contact person responsible for the equipment. If the project is considered feasible, the project proposal will be reviewed by a scientific committee with expertise in the relevant area. Such committee, proposed by the Centre director and appointed by the Board, evaluate proposals in:

  1. X-ray and isotope-based methods,
  2. ultrasound,
  3. microscopy and
  4. MRI.

The Committee reviews and assesses each application submitted with respect to:

  1. Research question
  2. Methodology and
  3. Resource requirements (time frame, support staff, possible relocation of equipment and other additional expenses).

When handling proposals, the Committee should apply rules for conflict of interest and confidentiality similar to VR. After the Committee’s review, the decision about access is taken by the Centre director. Before the project starts, the contact person for each equipment should check required permits from the EPN and other regulatory authorities, as well as ensure that potential users have the necessary training and expertise.

2. Procedure for purchase of equipment

2.1. Basic principles

Purchase of new equipment within The Jonasson Centre for Medical Imaging should be in accordance with the centre’s strategic plan, prioritizing:

  1. technologies that are promising for the future, Jonasson Centre for Medical Imaging, STH, KTH
  2. equipment that is not available within the healthcare infrastructure and
  3. equipment that is useful for several groups.

2.2. Handling of proposals

Proposals may be submitted by researchers at KTH, KI or SLL. Co-applicants expressing their interest to use the equipment should be listed in the application. On the Centre’s website, the application deadlines are advertised twice a year.

After assessment and ranking of applications by the Board, according to the principles above, the decision about purchase of approved equipment is taken by the Rector of KTH. After this, the Dean of STH carries out the procurement according to KTH routines.

3. Principles for cost recovery

To enable The Jonasson centre to maintain its ability to provide modern equipment, there is a need to cover for both operational and capital costs. Contributions from the universities eliminates the need to cover the entire cost with user fees. Discounts may be thus offered to research projects with the participation of researchers from KTH and KI, respectively.

The user fee for each specific equipment is determined by the Director after consultation with the Board.

When the equipment is used by a healthcare provider, other agency or industry, the principle shall be that all costs, including the cost of investment, are covered by user fees.

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