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Courses at the Department of Learning

Learning at KTH offers credited and non-credited courses for teachers in Preschool up to grade 12 (P-12), as well as courses for higher education student. Courses are offered in a variety of different forms; online, weekend courses or as specific mission training.

Network-based courses

Courses of preparation for university and undergraduate education in mathematics, programming, communication design, and physics.


Doctoral courses in learning

Courses in higher education

Course for educators and teachers

Training courses for educators and teachers with subjects in biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and technology for elementary school and high school.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree but do not have subject knowledge, KTH offers specific purpose education within ‘Teacher Lyft II’, a continuing education course.

Courses in language and communication

Language and communication at KTH offers courses in different languages, communication, rhetoric, intercultural skills, and academic writing. These are not only for KTH students and employees. Since many courses are given in the evening or as distance courses, it is possible for other professional to participate through mission training.

Courses for schoolchildren and children

School programs for pupils at elementary school and high school are offered at the House of Science in science, technology and mathematics. The courses are provided by students from KTH and Stockholm University who act as role models for the visiting students, as they describe their own education. All school programs follow the curriculum.

Courses for children and young people are given on weekends and summer holidays. Participants will discover how exciting and important science, technology and mathematics are through hands-on activities. The courses are also provided by students from KTH and Stockholm University.

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Last changed: Apr 03, 2020