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Current projects and news from Dept. of Learning in Engineering Sciences

  • TU Delft taking the initiative for innovation in education

    Professor Kristina Edström with the TU Delft & KTH logo in the picture.
    Published Feb 12, 2024

    TU Delft, in the Netherlands, is making a major investment in educational enhancement, called Initiative on Innovation in Delft Engineering Education (IDEE). Kristina Edström will dedicate 20% of her ...

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  • KTH hosts CDIO Regional Meeting: Transforming Engineering Education

     KTH Campus, winter with snow
    Photo: KTH
    Published Jan 12, 2024

    Hosting the European/UK-Ireland CDIO Regional Meeting on the 8th - 10th January 2024, around 80 people attended the meeting at a snow covered KTH.

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  • KTH Japan Day builds bridges through language, culture, and collaboration

    Participants at KTH Japan Day.
    Per Lundqvist, Pär Jönsson, Akiko Shirabe and other participants at KTH Japan Day.
    Published Dec 06, 2023

    When KTH Language and Communication together with the Embassy of Japan in Sweden arranged KTH Japan day November 27, a wide audience joined up – from fresh students to senior professors.

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  • From basic course to deep dive: Students return to technology!

    A female teacher holding up a small brick
    Madeléne Beckman one of the teachers on the course
    Published Nov 17, 2023

    Stockholm University and KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology) are working together to train future primary school teachers on the Science and technology for primary teachers, F-3, II course. Studen...

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  • Delving into Higher Education with the Enhancing Higher Education Program

    A group of people in front of the KTH building
    Published Oct 26, 2023

    Learning in STEM, from the Department of Learning in Engineering Science, in collaboration with the International Relations Office hosted a week-long capacity-building training program called the Enha...

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  • Transforming Science and Technology Education for the Anthropocene Era

    Published Oct 18, 2023

    Anne-Kathrin Peters, Associate Professor at KTH, has secured funding through the national HP-lyftet, funds for projects aimed at stimulating development and new knowledge nationally in the practice of...

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  • Increased popularity in KTH's programme for future secondary school teachers in Technology and Maths

    A person overlooking a group of people talking
    Published Oct 03, 2023

    For many, the idea of training as a secondary school teacher in technology and maths may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about future career opportunities. But for students at ...

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  • Promoting excellence in engineering education: Kristina Edström made a Fellow of SEFI

    2 people standing looking in the camera, the woman Krisitna Edström on the right receiving the prize
    SEFI President Hannu-Matti Järvinen giving prize to Krisitna Edström. Photo Conor Mulhern.
    Published Sep 25, 2023

    Kristina Edström Associate Professor at the Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology has been recognised for her outstanding contribution to engineering ...

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  • Lena Gumaelius appointed as the new manager of the KTH Global Development Hub

    Lena Gumelius leaning against a KTH building
    Published Sep 19, 2023

    Lena Gumaelius has recently been appointed as the new manager of KTH's Global Development Hub (GDH). This is an initiative created at KTH to promote education and innovation in a global context. The m...

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  • Promoting Practical Scholarship and Internationalisation at ITM

    3 people looking into the camera
    Jamie Rinder with Anna Hellberg Gustafsson (KTH’s Erasmus co-ordinator) and David Tual (GELS co-founder and director of the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Languages and Inter-Communication).
    Published Sep 05, 2023

    Stockholm, 6 September 2023 - In an initiative to strengthen practical scholarship and foster international collaboration in language and communication education for engineering students, the Global E...

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  • Registration is open - CDIO meeting at KTH for the engineers of the future 

    CDIO Regional meeting European/UK-Ireland 8-9 Jan 2024 and a picture of the KTH logo on a building.
    Published Sep 04, 2023

    KTH is proud to host the upcoming regional CDIO meeting for Europe and UK-Ireland on 8th and 9th January 2024 with an additional opportunity to participate in an optional day on 10th January with a ch...

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  • Generative AI – an educational disaster?

    Portrait Arnold Pears
    On August 31, Arnold Pears talks about generative AI and its possible effects on education. Photo: Anneli Nygårds
    Published Aug 21, 2023

    Hi, Arnold Pears, Professor at the Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences, who gives an open lecture on opportunities with AI in education on August 31st.

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  • Research Handbook on the Transformation of Higher Education

    Book cover The Research Handbook on the Transformation of Higher Education
    Published Aug 18, 2023

    Lars Geschwind Secreatary General for SULF and head of the research group HEOS (Higher Education Organization Studies) at The Department of Learning in Engineering Science with Stefan Lundborg Industr...

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  • Anne-Kathrin Peters delivers Keynote at ICT4S Conference

    Published Jul 12, 2023

    The international conference series ICT4S (The International Conference on Information and Communications Technology for Sustainability) is devoted to covering all types of research, developments, and...

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  • Introducing a New Book: "Digital Transformations in Higher Education: Nordic Perspectives"

    Digital Transformations in Nordic Higher Education book cover
    Published Jun 16, 2023

    Through empirical investigations, this book sheds light on the impact of digital transformations within higher education in Nordic countries, both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Unveiling Pathways: Embracing a Decolonized Approach in internationalising the curriculum

    Associate Professor Jens Jungblut Professor Arnold Pears och Dr. Charnaldo Jaime Ndaipa
    Associate Professor Jens Jungblut (University of Oslo) Professor Arnold Pears och Dr. Charnaldo Jaime Ndaipa
    Published Jun 13, 2023

    Dr. Charnaldo Jaime Ndaipa Successfully Defends Doctoral Thesis, The Interpretation and Translation of Global Ideas into Local Practices. A Study of the Internationalisation of Higher Education in Mo...

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  • ResearchED: A Memorable Event Filled with Collaborative Contribution

    Eva Hartell talking at the ResearchED event and a group photo of different people
    Published May 25, 2023
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  • Unpacking emerging hybrid arrangements in Nordic higher education

    Published May 17, 2023

    The first workshop in the series was held in Tampere University, Finland on 10th - 11th May 2023.

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  • IDOCOS Event

    IDOCOS event
    Published Apr 25, 2023

    On behalf of the partners of the Innovative Doctoral Courses for Sustainability (IDOCOS) project, it is our pleasure to invite you to attend the Concluding Event of the project.

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  • Brandberg School receives a visit from the Royal Institute of Technology and the House of Science

    Published Feb 23, 2023

    Students from Brandberg School were visited by students from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Vetenskapens Hus, and then Year 8 went on a visit to KTH.

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