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Learning in Technology and Science (TN-Didactics)

  • What technology content and values emerge in the teaching of climate change?

    Published Jun 25, 2018

    What content, values concerning technology and climate change emerge as important in the teaching practice in the professional development course, wit...

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  • Board games in secondary/higher education

    Published Apr 25, 2018

    The project examines the use of board games in teaching sustainable development in secondary schools and university, with the aim of producing a plan ...

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  • Teaching physics - with incentive to be different

    Published Aug 06, 2015

    Is it possible to increase students’ interest in the natural sciences by finding new ways to reason about the science subjects? What do natural scient...

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  • How does introducing grades and national exams affect the way teachers view the contents subjects

    Published Jun 06, 2014

    How is education in the science subjects, in compulsory school (years 4-6), affected when grades and national exams are introduced in year 6? In what ...

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