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Current projects and news from Dept. of Learning in Engineering Sciences

  • Do you want to become a VFU supervisor?

    Different coloured cushions with UN text on in KTH library
    Published Feb 24, 2022

    The university and the municipalities / districts have a joint task to collaborate on teacher students' VFU (work-based education) and to develop teacher education.

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  • Margareta Bergman retires after 17 years at KTH.

    Published Feb 15, 2022

    From web editor, course administrator, project finance manager to director of studies at Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and Academic Teaching at KTH.

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  • Crossfire of interests in the recruitment of academic staff

    Universitetslärare logo
    Published Feb 15, 2022

    Malin Henningson and Lars Geschwind publish an article in the magazine Universitetsläraren about the employment process in universities.

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  • Students Ida and Nelly complete their Masters in collaboration with K-ULF

    Portrit photo of Ida Fantenberg Niklasson and Nelly Wannberg
    Published Feb 02, 2022

    Ida Fantenberg Niklasson and Nelly Wannberg have during the autumn of 2021 completed their final degree project, at the program Master of Science in Engineering and in Education at KTH. The degree pro...

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  • Teaching and Learning activities Unite! webinars, courses and training events

    UNITE! logo
    Published Jan 31, 2022

    The unite! European University Alliance welcomes all partner’s teaching staff to a series of activities designed to share and develop teaching and learning in an international setting.

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  • Call for participation in the 2022 Learning & Teaching Thematic Peer Groups

    European University Association
    Published Jan 21, 2022

    The call for participation in the 2022 Learning & Teaching Thematic Peer Groups is now open. Participation offers EUA member institutions an opportunity for peer-learning and exchange of experience.

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  • Research school ROCIT - Application open!

    2 students writing on a whiteboard and laughing
    Photographer Johan Persson
    Published Jan 20, 2022

    ROCIT is a new graduate school in collaboration between eight higher education institutions. It is now possible to defend a dissertation within the graduate school, be placed at KTH and work with KULF...

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  • Peer review in an Era of Evaluation

    Peer review in an Era of Evaluation
    Published Jan 10, 2022

    Over the past few decades, peer review has become an object of great professional and managerial interest (Oancea, 2019) and, increasingly, academic scrutiny (Bornmann, 2011; Grimaldo et al., 2018). N...

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  • Podcast: Education for sustainable development

    Högskolepedagogisk spaning podcast - An eye looking through a magnifying glass
    Published Dec 20, 2021

    Podspace: University pedagogical reconnaissance is a collaboration between four pedagogical developers from Stockholm University, Mälardalen University, Uppsala University and Lund University.

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  • Organizational Persistence in Highly Institutionalized Environments:

    Towards Resilient Organizations and Societies book cover
    Published Dec 16, 2021

    Lars Geschwind, Rómulo Pinheiro, and Bjørn Stensaker have written a chapter in the book Towards Resilient organizations and societies

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  • Teaching and Learning at Unite! 4th dialogue event.

    Published Dec 09, 2021

    The department of learning in engineering sciences took part at the Unite! alliance 4th dialogue event last week, informing the community about their various current initiatives and projects within th...

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  • Department of Learning Hybrid Pilot tests future of Hybrid teaching

    Published Nov 29, 2021

    A Hybrid pilot study was done at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), which included teachers, educational developers, and technicians who in several ways supported, followed and evaluated the pilot p...

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  • Paus project - Personal mobility for the Academy

    Published Nov 23, 2021

    PAUS project - Personal mobility for the Academy with a focus on Educational Collaboration and Student Participation - ended in June 2021.

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  • Patricia Diaz is the recipient of the Guldäpplet Anniversary Award

    Published Nov 18, 2021

    Patricia Diaz, doctoral student & educational developer at KTH, teacher, lecturer and author, is awarded the Golden Apple's Anniversary Award in the category Independent national actors, lecturers, au...

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  • Publication: Recruitment of academic staff

    Published Nov 15, 2021

    Recruitment of academic staff is a central aspect of university life, a vital instrument for university management and a pertinent issue in research on higher education. This study focuses on recruitm...

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  • Exploring tuition fees as a policy instrument of internationalisation in a welfare state

    Published Nov 12, 2021

    This article sheds light on some challenges that internationalisation raises for policymakers regarding public funding of higher education in a welfare state by examining policy logics for introducing...

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  • To be or not to be a technical university

    Published Oct 20, 2021

    The technical university category in the national context of Sweden involves two dominant actors, both founded in the early nineteenth century: KTH and Chalmers University of Technology.

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  • Universities in the Knowledge Society has just been released

    Published Oct 19, 2021

    Lars Geschwind and Industrial doctoral student Stefan Lundborg have contributed a chapter on the Swedish higher education system in this volume.

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  • Bright Research Future at the Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences

    Published Oct 15, 2021

    Learning in Engineering Sciences is evaluated as the strongest environment of its type and as the leader in Engineering Education Research in the Nordic countries.

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  • Our new course - LT1029 Supervising School Placements Students 3.0 credits

    Published Oct 06, 2021

    The course is designed for secondary school teachers who, in their professional practice, receive students on school placement education (VFU).

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