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FontD - Swedish national graduate school in Sciences, Mathematics and Technology education research

FontD is a network of pedagogy research communities from universities and colleges across Sweden. KTH is represented by Professor Arnold Pears, Associate Professor Susanne Engström and Affiliated Professor Marc de Vries, all of whom are active at the Department of Learning at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM).

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Licentiate and doctoral degrees

FontD has a fully developed organization for research studies with general study plans for postgraduate studies (licentiate and doctorate), course activities, supervisor resources, supervisor workshops, and, seminars.


FontD is a network collaboration between 10 universities  (2018) with Linköping University as host university. FontD includes the local didactic research communities at the participating universities and colleges. Since the start of 2002, approximately 100 graduate students have been examined.

KTH representatives 

FontD has its own governing body with representatives from each college, as well as an internationally composed scientific committee responsible for an annual quality review.

In FontD's Governing Body

In FontD's Scientific Committee

Affiliate Professor Marc de Vries

Belongs to: The Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences
Last changed: Oct 03, 2018