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KTH Innovation Demo Day

Spring 2024

KTH campus from above in sunset with the text KTH Innovation Demo Day April 11 2024

Welcome to the new and updated KTH Innovation Demo Day!

Time: Thu 2024-04-11 13.30 - 17.00

Location: KTH Innovation, Teknikringen 1

Language: English

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Mingle with handpicked startups from KTH, listen to pitches and panel discussions about emerging technologies and gain insights into innovation at KTH.

More information to follow.

About KTH Innovation Demo Day

Our new Demo Day concept will introduce you to a broad range of startups and spinoffs from KTH. Instead of focusing exclusively on the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program, we welcome teams from the full KTH Innovation community of 300+ active startup projects.  


11 April, 13.30-17.00

  • 13.30-15.00: Stage program with pitches and panel discussions
  • 15.00-17.00: Mingle, snacks and drinks


KTH Innovation, Teknikringen 1
KTH Campus

Meet them at KTH Innovation Demo Day


Asent builds the next generation of efficient and reliable AI, going up to 400x times faster than GPT, with a system that knows when it’s reliable and when not, and having the capability to explain what its outcomes are based on.

Their first product helps you gain insights from customer reviews in seconds so you know how to improve your company and offering


Caplyzer has developed a new concept for producing hydrogen energy more efficiently, splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen without the dangerous risk of mixing the two gases and eliminating the need for rare Earth metals.


Cell2Bio focuses on cell culture technologies. Their platform enables cells to grow in a three-dimensional environment allowing cells to form 3D spheroids. Their platform can be used in multiple applications such as drug discovery, regenerative medicine and cancer research.

Just Booch

Just Booch wants to introduce Europe to the Hard Kombucha revolution. Aiming to redefine the way people enjoy alcoholic beverages, Just Booch caters to the modern consumer's desire for authenticity, sustainability, and well-being by combining centuries-old tradition of kombucha with a contemporary twist.


Kitocoat is reducing global food waste by prolonging the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Based on KTH research Kitocoat develops a biodegradable and edible coating that has antimicrobial properties and acts as a barrier, keeping your produce fresh for longer.

Lucky Loop Medical

With a core team of PhDs in medical engineering and gastroenterology, Lucky Loop Medical develops the world’s smallest brush for minimally invasive diagnosis of pancreatic cysts during endoscopic-guided fine needle aspiration.

With an easily transferable technology to the operating room, the company team aims to directly affect 14% of pancreatic cancers and the diagnosis of 4 million potentially cancerous cysts worldwide.


Magnephy is striving to improve the lives of patients suffering from kidney disease through new technology that could shorten the development time for new pharmaceuticals.

Based on nearly 10 years of research, Magnephy combines nanoscale 3D-microscopy and AI-analysis to evaluate the tissue effect of drug candidates with higher sensitivity and earlier effect detection.


A digital platform for scholarship coaching. provides a digital platform for scholarship coaching using machine learning, democratising higher education for everyone.


Improving the treatment process for bed bugs.

SimulAir enables individuals and businesses alike to escape the industry standard of forcing humans living alongside bed bugs as a part of the treatment process.


A learning platform where students can study alone, with friends or find new people to study with. Stuck on a task? Teachers are one click away!


Direct air capture powered by waste heat. 

Curbing global temperature rise to 1.5°C by 2050 will take commitment, partnership and tonnes of carbon capture. That’s why AERBON is working on scaling Direct Air Capture together with energy, technology, capital and storage partners. 

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