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Class of 2018


Asqill aims to become be the most desired bridge between universities and companies while helping students find their “why”. They educate engineering students in data analytic tools while helping them engage with companies.

Board Architect

Board Architect makes electronic design quick and truly digital. Using their web-based service, anyone can design and integrate electronic circuits and systems. The service puts an end to time-consuming routine work throughout the entire life cycle of electronic systems and IoT devices. Their online hardware design function and PLM toolchain let their customers focus on their specific application and the values unique to them. By reusing building blocks for hardware design, they can dramatically speed up and rationalize the process, software development and the manufacturing of electronics. They support their customers through all phases of their product’s life cycle to enable lower development costs, a quicker route to market, and simple scalable access to production through their partner network.

Circle Biomedical 

Circle Biomedical Contraception is developing an on-demand non-hormonal contraceptive for women that works by making cervical mucus impenetrable for sperm cells using a topically applied biopolymer. The product will address a crying need from millions of women that do not want the physical and mental side effects of hormonal contraception. The technology, developed at KTH, is now in pre-clinical development.


Greenlytics provides data science solutions for the power industry, with the vision to harness the power of data to create a sustainable energy future. They want to unlock the latent value in the data and transform it into actionable insights for their customers. Their first product WindMind is a tool to create ultra-accurate wind power forecasts, which enables wind power producers to lower imbalance costs, increase profitability of wind power and makes wind power cheaper for the consumer. WindMind is bases on advanced analytics and artificial intelligence that lowers the error in the forecasts with 10-30% compared to today’s industry standard.


Holid focuses on helping small to midsize publishers with clear audiences to increase their revenue from advertising. With a proven business model, Holid is at the forefront of new technologies and automatization. Using relevant sources and tools, Holid increases the ad revenue to an otherwise forgotten Publisher.


With the vision of “Humanizing Design, using Artificial Intelligence” InnoBrain provides a UX evaluation platform to reveal the subconscious mind of consumers. InnoBrain combines the foundation of neuroscience with the power of AI to develop an automated UX platform by integrating different sensing modalities, i.e. brain signals and visual sight. Their product will provide a UX evaluation platform with increased reliability of results and reduced bias and prototyping time.


imagiLabs builds tools and a community to get millions of girls to take their first of many steps into the world of programming. They bring programming into phones and use it to customize objects around us. Their first product is a phone case with embedded LEDs that can be programmed from their mobile application. Users learn to code in Python through guided tutorials in the app and can share and collaborate on their code.


Labtrino is an IoT-startup that meters and visualizes hot and cold water consumption in apartments on an outlet level. Their application creates awareness of water consumption by comparing consumption among peers. They offer individually tailored and smart nudges to eliminate unnecessary overconsumption, and enable apartment metering for billing cost-efficiently with the help of ultrasonic technology, instead of sharing the building’s total cost based on apartment size or number of residents.


Monocular is a platform for real-time collaborative pre-visualization of movies or other audiovisual works. Visual prototypes are essential for planning the production of movies or other audiovisual works. Their platform enables film teams to establish an artistic vision in relation to budget and creative ambition.


Ainomaly is a machine learning company for the Automotive industry. They are on a mission to make software developers everywhere more efficient and development teams more productive. They have optimized Ainomaly for complex, safety critical, real time systems. Ainomaly applies eXplainable AI to deliver autonomous software testing, enabling their clients to release high quality software to market more quickly. By integrating into existing test automation workflows they take SQA from brake to turbo.


Zifro is a complete learning platform for programming in schools. They offer a playful learning environment in which the students get to practice real text programming, and provides everything a teacher needs in order to plan, hold and evaluate programming classes in an enjoyable and qualitative way.

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