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KTH Innovation Discovery Program

This is a program for researchers at KTH who are curious about innovation. You want to learn more about how it works and explore if and in that case how your research results could come to use outside of academia.

Interested in the KTH Innovation DIscovery program?

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About the Discovery Program

As a researcher at KTH, you have probably heard the words impact, commercialization and innovation more times than you can count. But what do they really mean? How do you actually take your research from the lab to the market, and how can you figure out if it is something you might want to try? This program will teach you all you need to know. 

Concrete and relevant knowledge

In the Discovery Program, we will tell you all you need to know about the innovation process in six concrete and practical one-hour workshops spread out during the spring semester.

You will also get the chance to explore whether you could turn your own research into an innovation and find out if and how you could be part of that journey.

Spring 2022 schedule

Workshop 1: Introduction to impact – what, how and when?

31 Januari, 12.00-13.00, at Teknikringen 1

Workshop 2: Communicating your research to different audiences

14 Februari, 12.00-13.00, on Zoom

Workshop 3: Roles - which skills do you need to go from lab to market? 

28 Februari, 12.00-13.00, on Zoom

Workshop 4: Why intellectual property rights, patents, and agreements matter

28 March, 12.00-13.00, at Teknikringen 1

Workshop 5: Get a grip of your competition

11 April 12.00-13.00, on Zoom

Workshop 6: Talking to customers and partners

25 April, 12.00-13.00, on Zoom

Wrap-up and evaluation 

16 May, 12.00-13.00, at Teknikringen 1

For researchers at KTH

We have developed the program with KTH researchers in mind, based on our fifteen years of experience in supporting researchers from idea to innovation. Hundreds of leading organizations around the world use our structured models and processes.

The program is open to all researchers at KTH, from doctoral students to professors.

Physical and digital workshops

A majority of the workshops in the program are digital, but some take place physically at Teknikringen 1.

Why should I join the Discovery Program?

This program is perfect for you who are curious about innovation and want to learn more, but who are not yet sure innovation is something for you. 

In a wider perspective

Having experience of taking your research towards the market is more and more seen as a merit within academia. If you have a grasp of your impact, you will also write better applications and increase your chances of getting research funding. Our society needs new innovations to face our challenges. 

You will also expand your network and connect with people outside of your field. This helps bring new perspectives that can boost your creativity and spark new ideas.  

Yifang Ban

"I wish this program had existed when I started working on my idea. I think this is a great way to get inspired, develop new skills, and maybe transform your ideas and publications into broader societal impact."

- Yifang Ban, Professor and Head of the Geoinformatics division at KTH and founder of Wildfire Monitor

Joana Fonseca

"We are used to seeing our research as just an academic thing and it’s hard to think otherwise, but the idea that my PhD is not just going to be a book in the library but instead be used, that is amazing."

- Joana Fonseca, PhD student at the Division of Decision and Control Systems at KTH, and founder of Knowcean

After the program, you will know:

  • What words like commercialization, impact, utilization and innovation actually mean.
  • The different roles that are necessary when developing an idea and what role you could (and want) to take.
  • If there are exciting results in your own research that you could take towards the market.
  • What steps you need to take to go from idea or research result to a new or improved product or service implemented in the market.
  • How you can explain what you work with so that people understand and want to know more.
  • How the professor’s privilege, secondary occupation rules and intellectual property rights work.
  • What funding options are available to you, for example for applying for a patent or developing a prototype.

Lunch workshops

In six lunch workshops, we will go through the fundamentals of innovation. An experienced and knowledgeable workshop leader will be taking you through for each session.

In each workshop, you will be able to test and discuss your research and ideas with the other participants.

Find exciting opportunities in your research

During the program, you will get the chance to have an in-depth discussion about your research with a coach from KTH Innovation who has experience in your area of technology. Together, you will try pinpoint exciting ideas or results that could have potential to create impact on the market.

Final assignment and meeting

The final session will take place in KTH Innovation’s premises at Teknikringen 1 on KTH Campus. All participants who submit a small, final assignment will get a certificate that you have completed the program.

The program does not give academic credits.

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