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KTH Global Development Hub

The KTH Global Development Hub (GDH) provides support for the development of challenge-driven education at KTH and our partner universities.

KTH's Global Development Hub (GDH) is a dedicated unit that fosters and promotes education and innovation at KTH within a global context. The mission of GDH is to actively contribute to a fair and green transition for all through engineering education, providing students with the opportunity to address global societal challenges while enhancing their innovation capacity for the future.

Aligned with KTH's strategic focus on internationalisation, GDH is currently dedicated to building partnerships with universities in sub-Saharan Africa.


Maggan Hub Pilot

The Maggan Hub pilot offers engaged students a unique opportunity to work with societal challenges for a more just and sustainable society. Are you one of the students we are seeking for this summer...

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Innovation fika banner

Watch an interview on innovation with GDH students

Donnie Sc Lygonis, Business Development Coach at KTH Innovation, has interviewed two of KTH's GDH students, Tamara Cheruiyot and Davis Frank, who had their scholarships extended from one semester to t...

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Lena Gumelius leaning against a KTH building

Lena Gumaelius appointed as the new manager of the KTH Global Development Hub

Lena Gumaelius has recently been appointed as the new manager of KTH's Global Development Hub (GDH). This is an initiative created at KTH to promote education and innovation in a global context. The m...

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