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Second IDEM Unite! Bootcamp held at the University of Lisbon

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Published Mar 08, 2024

Between January 30 and February 1, the second IDEM (Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Mobility) Project Bootcamp took place at University of Lisbon.

This project, which emerged within Unite!, aims to develop a Mobility Model that promotes equal opportunities, recognizing and valuing individual needs and differences. After the Inclusion Training (Grenoble), and the first Bootcamp, dedicated to decision-making processes and self-exclusion in mobility (Barcelona), the Lisbon Bootcamp is the third moment of collaborative work between disadvantaged students, staff and teachers. The focus of these sessions was psychological safety and inclusive environments, as these are vital dimensions for students participating in mobility programs in Higher Education. 

Read more about the IDEM boot camp on the Unite! website