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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master

The Erasmus Mundus actions comprise:

Lot 1: Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters (EMJM)
- support to joint programmes, which at the application stage can demonstrate to have fulfilled Quality Assurance requirements fo their jurisdiction

Lot 2: Erasmus Mundus Design Measures (EMDM)
- a 15 month project to support the design of a high-level joint study programme

Financing on this page are funded by the European Union.

Erasmus+ projekt finansieras av Europeiska kommissionen.

Summary of action

This action aims at fostering excellence and worldwide internationalisation of higher education institutions via study programmes – at Master course level – jointly delivered and jointly recognised by higher education institutions (HEIs) established in Europe, and open to institutions in other countries of the world. 

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters and Erasmus Mundus Design Measures represent two independent lots. There is no obligation to implement an EMDM before an EMJM. The award of an EMDM does not imply automatic funding under EMJM and the completion of an EMDM project is not an award criterion for an EMJM.

Application and deadline 

Lot 1: EMJM: usually mid-February

Lot 2: EMDM: usually mid-February

Process for preparation of project proposal

Please note: for new initiatives, the internal process at KTH will last 2-4 months before approval of comittment to the joint programme

  1. Contact your School Director of 2nd cycle education (GA) in order to ensure internal support to the initiative. N.B. New initiatives shall be presented by the School to KTH Management (INTA) for approval before commitment to the joint programme.
  2. Discuss with potential partners and stakeholders.
  3. Contact the VS-BUS group for an overview of the process for new programmes, including checklists and guides:
  4. Contact IRO for useful information and generic texts. 
  5. Prepare your proposal in line with the programme guide documents above.
  6. Prepare the draft Consortium Agreement, the Student Agreement and the Joint Diploma Supplement
  7. Contact the IRO for finalisation, proof reading.
  8. Provide documents for signatures:
    For signatures from KTH Legal Representative provide the following documents to IRO 10 days before deadline: Manadate (KTH as partner) or Declaration of honour (KTH as coordinator), signed School approval form (electronic singnature). School approval (docx 66 kB)
  9. Submit proposal.