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Erasmus+ Capacity Building 2015-2020

Here you will find projects within Erasmus+ Capacity Building from 2015-2020.

Financing on this page are funded by the European Union.

Erasmus+ projekt finansieras av Europeiska kommissionen.


Project Title KTH School / GVS Contact person Coordinating university
Establishment of The Rectors Conference in Azerbaijan (ECAR) GVS Victor Kordas Baku Business University, Azerbaijan
Developing interdisciplinary postgraduate programmes and strenghtening research networks in Geoinformation technologies in Armenia and Kyrgyzstan (GeoTAK) ABE Huaan Fan Univ Politecnica de Valencia
Sustainable Wastewater Treatment for Hospitals (SWaTH) SCI Joydeep Dutta University of Balamand, Lebanon
Europe-Brazil-Bolivia-Cuba Capacity Building using globally available digital learning modules (EUBBC-Digital) ITM Henrik Blomgren Univ de Sao Paulo, Brazil
Higher Education Reform Experts South Africa (HERE's SA) GVS Mohammad Saleh South African Technology Network, Pretoria South Africa,

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GeoTAK website


Project Title KTH School / GVS Contact person Coordinating university
Climate Change Induced Disaster Management in Africa (CIDMA) ABE Yifang Ban Lunds universitet
Europe Sri Lanka Capacity Building in Energy Circular Economy (EUSL-ENERGY) ITM Victoria Martin Open University of Sri Lanka
Boosting the role of HEIs in the industrial transformation towards the Industry 4.0 paradigm in Georgia and Ukraine (HEIn4) GVS Victor Kordas KU Leuven, Belgien

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Project Title KTH School / GVS Contact person Coordinating university
Promoting Modern Talent Management Practices in Asian Higher Education Institutions (aTM) GVS Victor Kordas UPC, Spain
Modernisation of Institutional Management of Innovation and Research in the Andean Region (MIMIR-ANDINO) GVS Magnus Lindqvist Asociasion Colobiana de Universidades, Colombia
Academic System Resource Planning: A fully Automated Smart Campus (ASRP) GVS Victor Anna-Karin Högfeldt Ain Shams University, Egypt
International Master of Science on cyber physical systems (MS@CPS) GVS Cali Nuur University of Siegen, Germany
Improving Life Long training in Marocco, AMELioration de la formation tout au long de la vie dans l'enseignement supérieur au Maroc (AMEL) SCI Zuheir Barsoum Conservatoire National des Arts and Metiers, France
Strengthening educational capacities by building competences and cooperation in the field of Noise and vibration Engineering (SENVIBE) SCI Hans Bodén Univ of Novi Sad, Serbia

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Project Title KTH School / GVS Contact person Coordinating university
The Algerian National Laboratory for Maintenance Education, ANL-Med ITM Jerzy Mikler/ Andreas Archenti University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumedien
Establishment and Development of Quality Assurance Centers in Azerbaijan Universities, (EQAC) GVS Victor Kordas Baku Business University[BBU]
Innovative Lifelong e-Learning for Professional Engineers (e-ProfEng) SCI Hans Bodén KTH
Enhancing Quality Assurance Management and Benchmarking strategies in Indian universities (EQUAM-BI) GVS Mette Svensson/Pia Schmitt Uni Barcelona (ES)
Geodesy and geoinformatics for sustainable development in Jordan (GEO4D) ABE Huaan Fan KTH
d'INstitutionnalisation des Structures d'Innovation, de Transfert et d'Exploitation du Savoir (INSITES) GVS Bassam Kayal Université Hassan 1er -Settat UH1
Cooperative eLearning Platform for Higher Education in Industrial Innovation (CEPHEI) ITM Vladimir Koutcherov Lappeenranta University of Technology
Enhancing Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability in higher Education in Africa (EEISHEA) ITM ECE-skolan Anna-Karin Högfeldt Aalborg University
Implementation of Education Qaulity Assurance System via Cooperation of University-Business-Government in HEI (EDUQAS) GVS Victor Kordas University of Craiova, Rumänien
Doctoral studies in Geoinformation Sciences (DSinGIS) ABE Huaan Fan Obuda University, Hungary

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Project Title KTH School / GVS Contact person Coordinating university
Boosting Armenian Universities Internationalization Strategy and Marketing (BOOST) GVS Victor Kordas Armenian State Pedagogical Univ
Towards Incoming International University Communities (WELCOME) GVS Victor Kordas UPC
Modernising and Enhancing E-learning Educational Strategies (MIELES) GVS Mette Svensson Universitat de Barcelona
Regional Objectives for Administrative Development (ROAD) GVS Victor Kordas IST Lisbon
MarMOOC GVS Amir Rashid/ Mihai Nicolescu Vigo university, ES
Exploitation des Compétences et Valorisation des acquis pour une Meilleure Insertion et Visibiité (E-VAL) GVS Bassam Kayal Univesity of Cadiz
Modernization of the Curricula in the sphere of smart building engineering - Green Building (GREB) GVS Energiteknik Aquila (IT)
Internet of Things: Emerging Curriculum for Industry and Human Applications (ALIOT) GVS Victor Kordas Univ of Newcastle
European Human Rights Law for Universities of Ukraine and Moldova (HRLAW) GVS Victor Kordas Tallinn Univ of Technology
Development of Master Program in Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Environment (RENES) GVS Mohammad Saleh Aquila (IT)
European and Vietnamese Collaboration on Graduate Employment (EVENT) GVS Victor Kordas Uppsala University
Enhancing innovation competences and entreprenaurial skills in engineering education (InnoCENNS) ABE Huaan Fan KTH

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Project Title KTH School / GVS Contact person Coordinating university
South Mediterranian Welding Center For Education, Training And Quality Control (SM weld) ITM Amir Rashid/ Mihai Nicolescu KTH
Modernising geodesy education in Western Balkan with focus on competences and learning outcomes (GEOWEB) ABE Huaan Fan KTH
Les TICE Appliquées á l'expérimentation Scientifique (Experes) ITM Jerzy / Mihai Nicolescu Murcia university, Spain
Introduction Problem Based Learning in Moldova (PBLMD) GVS Victor Kordas Aalborg University
Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palistinian Higer Education Institutions (BERC) GVS Cali Nuur IUG
Gopelc ICT-SCI Joydeep Dutta Gas and petrol university Romania

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