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Toolbox - Research for sustainable development

Research is of key importance for reaching the global goals for sustainable development in Agenda 2030, and to achieve a long-term sustainable development. KTH wants to be leading regarding research for a sustainable development and works continuously to improve the contribution, both when it comes to knowledge production and implementation.

It is important that you as a researcher have knowledge in how your research contribute to sustainable development, both in order to communicate to get greater impact and/or succeed in getting external funding, but also to evaluate it in order to mitigate risks and trade-offs, and to steer towards an even larger contribution. This tool-box is developed by and for KTH researchers in order to provide easy access to resources that may be of help for you as a researcher when it comes to sustainable development. It is a living document, so if you miss anything in the tool-box, please contact Karin Larsdotter.